Do you want Energy policy or action?

There’s nothing like plunging in to learn something new. In my case, I was trying to guage the reality behind tracking carbon footprints. I found myself suddenly subscribed to a series of engineering type trade publications and blogs. Any learning of basic mechanics that I gleaned in my Highschool physics course has been so deeply buried I sought out the more simpler of publications. Thus the web became the perfect venue for my initial research.

Now my inbox receives the digest entitled CR4, the Engineers Place for News and Discussion. As a near policy wonk, I ‘m always drawn to discussions that allude to or directly reference government policy. I came across the following thread entitled
Ten years to renewables totality

Several things struck me in this conversation.

1. I am not often in the company of engineers and so there views or at the least those who chose to post are not very favorable to Al Gore.

2. Where are the politicians or thier legislative assistants? How representative are the views expressed with those that have made it to their attention?

3. Where is the authentic voice from the campaigns? more pointedly, why isn’t there a candidate representative chiming in or adding their three cents on the policy debates? or the political barbs being exchanged?

Finally, I’d like to believe that there are some serious industry heavyweights chiming in on this thread and perhaps that’s sufficient. In a free market system, the active decision NOT to have much of a policy is defacto a policy.

If industry alone were to rise to Al Gore’s challenge, and there appears much evidence that the dominating energy companies need to figure out how to continue to reap their large profits, maybe pushing hard into innovating alternatives is what will save them. AT least that’s another argument I saw on another blog today. Check out this video and tell me if you agree?
Cleantech’s dirty little truth


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