Looking for growth? Try consciously connecting to wider systems

Transitions to Fall visible in the night sky

The Fall Equinox

Today’s marks the transition to Fall. Unlike the ancients, the equinox remains largely unnoticed and without much celebration in the northwestern hemisphere. It’s just another day that few of us will notice connects visibly to larger connected changes in our environment.

The growing mental distance between our conscious behaviors and the physical world robb us of our cosmic place. The disconnect stops us from developing and practicing a systems consciousness which creates complacency and limits our opportunity to grow.

We are taught the solar system as children, but few of us acquire system thinking. The earth’s orbit of the brilliant sun and the moon’s near orbit influence our daily routine, the hours of wakefulness and sleep.  The subtle but repeating changes in the length of our days enabled a greater understanding of agricultural cycles.  Astute observers of the visible patterns in the evening sky and their movements when connected to other recurring changes on earth made it possible to draw hope and plan.  Only by understanding the relative presence of visible patterns in the evening sky did society find continuity and connection to the past and set a clear expectation for the future.

Few of us draw conscious meaning from the changing appearance of light on the horizon or the position of stars in the sky.  We rely on universal artifacts that record and track time–calendars and clocks to keep us on task, on target and anticipate near or longer term what’s next.

Technology continues to free our time to devote our attention to leisure as well as industrious efforts.

A consciousness that focuses on slight differences amidst recurring patterns might make us seek solutions beyond the immediate cause and effect we observe.  The coincidence of the earth turning or rotating on its access while moving in orbit around the sun is only perceptible when you track the changing location of the sun in the sky throughout the day.

In your day to day transactions how much are you noticing about the changes that are happening around you and the forces that produce these actions?

A single data point, an isolated observation always represents an intersection of multiple forces.  Rarely do we capture and attach the presence of all those forces.  We take a picture and maybe the camera will include a time stamp. Digital images capture an instance, using a combination of data such as the distribution of different light across the spectrum, may be audio or even sequence of actions. Mistaking the sun’s movement for our own orbit happens to explain why it’s easy to confuse cause and effect.  The measure of distance between the earth and the sun changes every moment but only within a range that more broadly allows us to pinpoint our relative location in the wider routine path of our orbit.

Not everyone respects astrologers and I’m not endorsing connecting the orbit of the planets as a predictor of performance in any activity.  I’m merely inviting you to take a closer look at the data and the axes or contextual reference points provided.

When you look for growth, it helps to understand the forces that favor your success.  For example, an ascending curve tracking the sequence of Sales over time  may warrant additional reference points.