Connecting and mobility simplifies dealmaking , are you #GivingTuesday

midia impact on social friday 2014

As reported this afternoon by the WSJ, Black Friday is in full swing. Holiday shoppers and retailers actively engage in dealmaking. The decisions elaborated supported by a web of connectivity, funneling information to promote and identify where to find the best buy on what.  The sights and sounds of the season all tweaked to arouse an emotional frenzy. Its a season preoccupied with comparing, connecting and strategic advantage worked by both buyers and sellers.

This commercial frenzy reaches another peak the Monday after Thanksgiving when Cyber Monday redirects consumers to connect online. Last year, emarketer reported that the single day figures represented 5.8% of total US retail sales for the year. (See )

#givingTuesday Campaign

The latest addition #GivingTuesday, with its twitter hashtag of the same name , launched by the 92nd St Y and the United Nations Foundation wanted to kick off the giving season with a different message. With less than one month notice, the 2012 campaign offered a charitable answer to the intensity of focus on retail shopping. By its own acclaim, the campaign quickly launched “a global movement engaging over 10,000 organizations worldwide.”

According to The NonProfit Times, donations on #GivingTuesday in 2013 amounted to $32.33 million processed on five online platforms: Blackbaud, PayPal, Razoo, Network for Good and DonorPerfect. Blackbaud, which handles contributions for large nonprofits, reported that it processed $19.2 million in online donations on the day, a 90% increase over the prior year. Blackbaud also reported the average donation it processed rose by 40% in 2013 to $142 from $102 in 2012.

As USA today further reported, “The dollar amounts and the digital evidence are impressive, but the real story is about how people are giving back,” said Kathy Calvin, CEO and president of UN Foundation, a #GivingTuesday founding partner.

Has #GivingTuesday started the important international conversation about caring that Henry Timms, the originator and executive director of the 92n Stree Y hoped?

You bet it has. A quick look at the numbers indicates significant coalescing attention and energy that goes into #Giving Tuesday literally pays off. Figures from Emarketing news and the Department of commerce showed total usRetail sales for 2013 reached $4.53 Trillion of which Mobile commerce represented only $42.13Billion, an order of magnitude less. Just zeroing in on Black Friday and Cyber Monday Adam Marchick writing last week for showed that smartphones and tablets combined drove a new record of $259 million and $419 million in online sales respectively.

Since many of the contributions for #Giving Tuesday were mobile, there’s significance in collecting $32.33 million, or 12.5% of the commercial online sales activity achieved on Cyber Monday.

Current e-commerce statistics from Statista state that “40 percent of worldwide internet users have bought products or goods online via desktop, mobile, tablet or other online devices. This amounts to more than 1 billion online buyers and is projected to continuously grow. “ The clear influence and  power of connection made simpler with mobility continues to surprise and challenge the best of plans for resource allocations.

The  ability to make changes in the world will continue to reside in the power of greater connections. How they get put to work and for what collective end, remains at the moment within our reach. Don’t just cross your fingers but use your own connective power to shout out to your friends #Giving Tuesday opportunities and help move the needle on donations every upward. .