This blog consciously pushes beyond first impulses and automatic responses.  These  thoughtful attempts offer my analysis of a specific situation or set of ideas.

I am many things.  A learner first, tinkerer and explorer of big ideas and complex problems.  Professionally, I’m an independent business strategy adviser, coach and organizational process consultant–founder of Arkay Solutions LTD.

Posting forces me to think through an idea and improve my abilities to process and present complex ideas simply.  I  hope to engage readers, encourage them  to pause, adjust their perspective– physically if not figuratively and begin to see things from an alternative reference point. My efforts, by design make myself and any other readers, more nimble in their questioning and less reliant on comfortable, familiar perceptions and awareness. The posts try to explore issues more fully and look more closely at people, objects and/or conditions in our immediate surroundings. For example,  inspecting the ground upon which we stand and move at the level seen from a bird’s viewpoint.

These posts complement other blogs I write:

  • Notes on Strategic Management Practices summarizes and synthesizes notes from live monthly discussions about various topics and articles in strategy management practices and issues.  As facilitator and organizer, I host these discussions on behalf of the  Chicago Booth Alumni club.  Each month, the informal discussion includes participation from up to 20 professionals in or near Chicago.   Anyone is welcome, for details go to Chicagoboothalumniclub.org and check the third Friday of the month for announcements.
  • Framestretching, began as the voice of a small consulting group I formed with Jonathan Denham and David Perlmutter seeking to understand and then inspire others to innovate.  The blog posts focus on case examples of shifted perception.
  • Cminds.net,  a collaborative problem solving community that seeks to engage a wider conversation about complex problems and seek opportunities to address them.  As one of several team contributors to this startup,  the focus of these posts relate to engagement, collaboration and problem solving.
  •  Balancing on the Edge, my earlier blog, all posts are now imported here, and can be found in the archive.

Through clarity of voice and thoughtful analysis, I hope to provoke direct actions and response.  Every day living requires some adjustment in our thinking, whether the detour is conscious or not, temporary or permanent, this is an opportunity to keep track of my own changes.  Recording my progress wading through the uncertainty of daily life offers a testament to how people do change and the degree to which the change is conscious or merely random.

To that end, productive comments are welcome, especially if you can further illuminate obvious blind spots. Please be thoughtful, Instructive or constructive in your comments  especially if you want your critique to be understood.  Thanks for reading–

Rachel Kaberon

June 2008

One thought on “About

  1. Thanks for your kind words about CogniStreamer. I’d like to connect if possible. A bit hard to figure out who this author is, but I did see you’re in Chicago (as am I). Can you send me a note through email so we can chat, please?


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